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06 April 2017
According to the Office of National Statistics, fraud is now the most commonly experienced type of crime. Phishing is one of the main types of email scams which fraudsters use to target people.
27 March 2017
Worrying figures revealed in Gransnet survey as the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness launches its spotlight on older people month.
16 March 2017
Why do we remember some things and not others? In a unique imaging study, two Northwestern University researchers have discovered how neurons in the brain might allow some experiences to be remembered while others are forgotten....
03 March 2017
Theresa May must urgently begin a cross-party process to find a long-term solution to the current crisis in health and social care funding.
17 February 2017
The Wellbeing in Later Life Index, developed by Age UK and the University of Southampton, analysed data from 15,000 people aged 60 and over to measure the wellbeing of the UK’s older population.
23 November 2016
With the Chancellor’s Autumns Statement due this week, the directors of specialist property consultants HPC have lent their voices to the increasing calls for additional funding for the care sector.......
16 September 2016
In some parts of the UK, 80% of over- 55s say they feel isolated.........
18 November 2015
The UK Government and major pharmaceutical companies are investing circa £65m in a global fund to develop new treatments for dementia. The UK Government and six drug companies have raised money for The Dementia Discovery Fund........
21 May 2015
In a recent article in the Times newspaper: it states that one in five over- 65s risks becoming ‘elder orphans’ with no relatives to look after them in the last decades of their lives, experts have warned..................
12 March 2015
A two-month consultation has been launched recently on proposals to change the way the Isle of Wight Council charges services users for respite care and sitting services.........