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12.03.15 - Rising Number of Elderly with no access to care

12 March 2015

In a recent article written by John Bingham, social affairs editor (The Sunday Times)  shows the acute shortage of care for older people in Britain is exposed in official figures showing how the population of care homes hardly changed during a decade that saw the biggest expansion in the overall elderly population.


According to a study published by the office for national statistics (ONS), the number of people in care homes in England and Wales rose by only 0.3 percent in the decade between the 2001 and 2011 censuses, standing at just short of 291,000.00.

But the overall number of over 65s jumped by 11 percent in the same period.


This illustrates how the rationing of state funded care, as councils have tried to cut costs, has left growing numbers of elderly people without access to the care system. 

In turn, it has forced millions of family members.

There are 9.2million over 65s in England and Wales at the time of the 2011 census – one in six people, although the elderly population has since grown further as members the baby boomer generation have begun to retire.


Significantly, the ONS noted the same period saw the number of unpaid people caring for loved ones rises by 600,000 to more than six million.

The study also shows that care homes have become less dominated by women as men have narrowed the gap in the life expectancy between the sexes.


Caroline Abrahams the director of the charity Age UK, said: “care homes increasingly provide support for only the frailest older people with complex care needs which are, at least in theory, the result of a welcome trend toward helping people remain independent in their own homes.

“However, the reality is often very different, with older peop0le and their families struggling to cope with frankly inadequate support or no support at all.”


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