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Over half of Gransnet users who are lonely have never talked about

27 March 2017

Worrying figures revealed in Gransnet survey as the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness launches its spotlight on older people month. The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness launched earlier this year in Parliament. MPs Rachel Reeves and Seema Kennedy are continuing the work of the late MP Jo Cox who was passionate about tackling the issue.

While loneliness can strike at any age, older people are at a higher risk. Poor health, disabilities and the death of a loved one often leave older people cut off from society, with little or no opportunities for social interaction with family and friends. The closure of local services is also having a devastating impact for older people who rely on them for social contact. With bank branches, post offices, small shops and libraries closing, particularly in rural areas, this can worsen their feelings of being forgotten and lonely.

The social networking site Gransnet surveyed over-50s who described themselves as lonely. The vast majority of those who had not discussed their loneliness said close friends and family would be surprised or even astonished to hear that they feel this way.

The survey revealed how loneliness doesn’t only affect those who are alone, 93% of the respondents admitted it’s possible to feel lonely even when you have a partner or family. Gransnet provides an opportunity to discuss anonymously, with 82% of users agreeing that talking about feelings of loneliness is much easier online when they are unidentified.

Age UK, alongside Alzheimer’s Society, British Red Cross, Campaign to End Loneliness, Eden Project Communities, Gransnet, Independent Age, Royal Voluntary Service and The Silver Line – are working collaboratively during this period to raise public awareness of loneliness and encourage everyone to act to tackle it.

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