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21.05.15- Boom in invisible ranks of elderly with no one to care for them.

21 May 2015

In a recent article in the Times newspaper: it states that one in five over- 65s risks becoming ‘elder orphans’ with no relatives to look after them in the last decades of their lives, experts have warned.

Increasingly dispersed families, fragmented neighbourhoods and a declining birth rate have left hundreds of thousands of pensioners in danger of becoming hidden in plain view, deprived of the care they need, according to a study.

Many older people living alone were effectively shut out of their local communities and at heightened risk of a range of mental and physical health problems.

Ageing without children, a British charity, said the situation in the UK looked “very similar” to that in the US.  By 2030, two million pensioners in Britain will have no adult children, with some 230,000 of them requiring at least 20 hours of care each week, according to a report published last year by the institute for Public Policy Research.

If current official estimates show that 20 to 23 per cent of the adult population have no children, it will not be difficult for almost a quarter of adults to have no ‘familiar support’ by the age of 65, as adult children may be unwilling or unable to step in for a variety of reasons, the charity said.

It is broader than just health and care, though, she said.  In the UK people ageing without children are worried  about having no none to speak up for them, feeling lonely, being abused or neglected, but they also worry about being cut off from younger generation and becoming disconnected from the community. Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, called on people to get involved and spend more time with over 65s living alone in their neighbourhoods.

Communities can make a huge difference to the lives of older people living alone, particularly those who have no children or relatives, she said.  This can be as simple as making time for older friends and neighbours.

Having senior living developments such as that similar to our Priory Asset management developments can help to reduce this concern by involving residents in social events/gatherings and primarily being part of a community and secure environment.

Priory Asset Management LLP is a forward thinking property development company which seeks out opportunities to supply new, environmentally minded and socially acceptable Extra care, Respite/ Dementia homes as well as modern business units.  The style and aesthetics of these facilities will dramatically enhance the localities where they are built.

Any press enquiries should be forwarded to Priory Asset Management LLP on 01983 297075 or enquiries@prioryasset.com